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Ragamuffins are described as a calm, affectionate and "human centered" cats with

a sweet expression that reflects their sweet disposition. 


Each Sire and Dam, and their lineage, is assessed for the

desired standards of health type, temperament, and compatibility. 

to fulfill our goal of offering exceptional cats and,

 improve the breed. Of course, all our cats test free for illness, parasites, and HCM. 


Our RagaMuffin Sires, Dams, and kittens receive the best in environment, nutrition,

and socialization so they are happy and healthy.

Our Dams are examined by our vet before litters are planned and have no more than 2 litters per 3 years. 

When the "time" is close we spend days preparing "maternity suites" and sleepless nights on "kitten watch", and are present for the birth to offer love, and support

in whatever capacity the mother cat and kittens need.

Measures are taken so Sire can socialize daily with  cat and people family

except when busy in the "Honeymoon Suite". 


We feed a vet approved customized diet of organic foods to maximize nutrient intake and absorption

and minimize ingestion/negative impacts of chemicals such as pesticides, preservatives, and flavorings.

Mothers receive supplemental servings of organic roasted chicken & broth

3-4 times per day while pregnant and nursing. 

Kittens are given the same when they are ready for "big kid food".

This diet optimizes the kittens' development during the most important times growth before and after birth.


Our RagaMuyffin cats are FAMILY cats!
While we do have a dedicated cattery room  with spacious, sunlit, enclosures, for the occasions that having the run of the house is not a good option, our cats are where ever we are during the day and sleep with us at night  .

The Cattery and our home are kept clean and safe, to prevent illness and injury to our cats/kittens,

and so Boutique Ragamuffins is a place we are proud of and

so we will qualify for Preferred Cattery Status with our County.



Love, Interaction, Conditioning, and More Love!

The RagaMuffin kittens and cats of Boutique RagaMuffins experience a family lifestyle 

with constant interaction through; play, snuggling, being loved on, and just hanging out with our family. 

Additionally, we purposefully introduce the kittens to many different things they may encounter later in life so they will know that these things are ok and not to be afraid.

Sounds, kids, dogs, other cats, carriers, car rides, nail clipping, exam handling are just a few examples.


Match Making

The time we spend with the RagaMuffin kittens allows us to get to know them what family situation would be best.

We will spend time speaking with you to find out what you are looking for, get to know you

and which kitten has the matching personality. 

We would rather pass on a sale than match a family with a Muffin that doesn't fit their needs.

Let us help you to find the perfect kitten for your family. 

Fees and Agreements

We ask $2000 for our kittens which includes ACFA, CFA Registration,  age appropriate vaccines, microchip, lfetime pre-paid membership to Avid Pet reuniting service, vet check. 

Adoption fee for a healthy, ethically bred and raised Authentic RagaMuffin kittens are in between $2000 - $3500 and despite our higher cost of our extensive general, prenatal, and kitten healthcare, organic/premium food, daily dedicated hours of cattery maintenance, socialization, and conditioning, and kitten Care-Package

we still price our kittens at $2000. Ask any of our Boutique families, they will tell you, you get what you pay for!

When a family makes a decision, a Fee Agreement with complete details is sent, signed, and returned with a non-refundable deposit $400 to reserve their kitten and is applied to the total fee.  A separate agreement outlining the responsibilities and protections of both parties will also be sent, signed and returned at this time.

Delivery/Pick up
There is an extra fee for this service that varies according to ticket prices.

It is just a little bit more than shipping however, it is worth every penny to maximize safety and minimize stress to the little ones as they leave their mom and brothers and sisters and experience so many new things. Another, and economical option families choose is to fly in and pick their Kitten!

Match Making
Fees and agreements
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