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Fleur de Lis Farms

Boutique RagaMuffins


Boutique RagaMuffins

    A Specialty RagaMuffin cattery with very special RagaMuffin cats and RagaMuffin kittens,

providing the positive, fun experience that adopting a RagaMuffin kitten should be!


~Cat Fanciers' Association / American Cat Fanciers' Association

Boutique RagaMuffins Cattery, is registered with CFA and ACFA.

~Ethical Breeders List

An exclusive list of RagaMuffin Kitten breeders that requires members to adhere to its strict Code of Ethics and maintain a high level of integrity, respect, honesty, and kindness

towards others -personally and professionally. 

The double registry and Ethical breeders List are assurances that Boutique RagaMuffins,

is a credible cattery-raising Authentic RagaMuffin kittens.

Family owned and operated

 We are a small, limited litter, home-based cattery in Gilbert, Arizona.

We use our first hand, farm acquired experience in animal care and behavior to make decisions in

the best interest of our RagaMuffin kittens and RagaMuffin cats.

Our goal is to raise healthy RagaMuffin kittens that embody the traditional characteristics for which the breed is famous and help them find the perfect home.

Call, or text if you are interested in adding a Boutique Ragamuffin kitten to your family!


Cat Fancy Association
American Cat Fancy Association


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Our King and Queens



   Kings  & Queens

Click the images below for details on each cat!

Herbie The Love Bug

ragamuffin cat

 Herbie was our first RagaMuffin. We could not get over the difference in his personality and fell in love

with the RagaMuffin breed.

  He is not a Sire in our program but his job as King Regent is to guide our young King and welcome the new cats and kittens. 

A bath, head bump/rub, and 

confident/calm disposition promotes security 

and quick transition to our peaceful environment .

He is truly spoiled and deserves it!

King Regent


Boutique Gizelle queen

 It is not the role of this gorgeous girl to have kittens for our cattery but instead, she acts as Queen Regent ruling over our Chateau, keep order among the younger

Kings, Queens, and people!

She is Zander's personal cat and they adore each other. Gizelle loves, pretty new collars and to be photographed... no really!

Queen Regent

Queen Regent 


Dam Mademoiselle ragamuffin cat


She is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. 

Sophisticated, calm, elegant, sweet, loving, and fun,

she reminds me of Jackie Kennedy!

She follows me around wherever I go and sleeps next to me at night. 

She is a pleasure, and a great companion.  


ragamuffin kitten for adoption

In addition to her pretty face and loving nature,

Cerise(Charlie Brown x Monet) has a very silly side

that disarms and charms both cats and people.

She rolls at our feet, and keeps close to us

no matter what we are doing, ready to be pet. 

Cerise sleeps on my pillow often surrounding

my head and purring loudly. 

  The other cats love her but sometimes she is too affectionate towards them -head bumping and rubbing on them as they are trying to walk, eat, sleep, use the litter box... it doesn't matter to Cerise.  She just wants everyone to feel loved! If she were a person... she would definitely be a "hugger"!


RagaMuffin kitten

Amellie will be old enough to be a Queen very soon. She is a pretty, smart, playful and really  fun little girl. She also has a sweet nature, and is the first to greet anyone new with head bumps and a very loud purr.

Her favorite thing to do is to sit on my desk,

supervising me while I work.

We love this little girl!

This beautiful girl is our newest addition. Just like the rest of our cats, as soon as she got here she fit right in, and got along with everyone, which is one of the characteristics of the personality type that we seek out for our breeding program.

She loves to follows us, give side rubs and head bumps in exchange for chin scratches.

Minuette's sweetness is reflected in the expression on her pretty face -especially her big blue eyes!

We look forward to seeing her litters which will no doubt be as beautiful and affectionate as her.

Minuette 2022 website.jpg


This Photo says everything about Wrigley!

We chose him as our Sire because his physical characteristics fit our Boutique look (wide ear placement, large eyes, whisker pads with just enough puff to look cute but not cartoony) but even more because of his "Garfield the Cat" life philosophy!  In Wrigley's mind nearly all things can be done flipped upside down with eyes half closed. 

We love his personality!

Before I committed to him, I met many of his babies

from different mothers, to make sure he passed on the characteristics

that drew us to him.

Without exception, they were very snuggly, calm, and ADORABLE!

wrigley 2022 website 3.jpg



      Past Litters, Current Litters & Available Kittens

Enjoy the photos below of our past litters and stop by our
Facebook  Page -Boutique RagaMuffins,
to see more and the most recent pictures of our available and adorable
RagaMuffin cats and RagaMuffin kittens!

available kittens
RagaMuffin cat

Wrigley x Mademoiselle

 Born: February 1, 2021  

Click the images below for more details on each kitten

   Loki: Adopted!!

Thor: Adopted!!

Wallie: Adopted!

Congratulations Berman Family!

Congratulations Martinez Family!!

Congratulations Berman Family!

Minuette's French Pastry Litter
         Born: 3~23~2021


Cerise's Regions of France litter

Boutique cerises kittens2.jpg



Boutique cerises kittens1.jpg





To be matched with your perfect Boutique RagaMuffin kitten......


Call or Text 

Gilbert, AZ, USA

Questions about our Cattery or kittens? Use the phone number above to call or text.

There is nothing more fun that talking about kittens!

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